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MY SUCCESS STORY is a series of 90 videos (from day 1 until day 90), filmed in 90 consecutive days. Without missing a single day, every day I report the progress I make towards a specific goal: to create my business; and to be more specific to create my own coaching business. Step-by-step, I confess to the camera “the real thing”: what’s going on this specific day, what is my progress, my feelings, my original ideas, my insights, my blockages on the way and the walking through them. Every day I present to you the true experience of actualizing a dream.


In the past decade, I have been working with myself very thoroughly and (long story short) I have decided to turn my career around and serve this world as a life coach. I have started some years ago, by being awarded a coaching diploma with distinction, with hands-on-experience and coaching practice and by creating my YouTube channel in order to spread the word.

I eventually reached that point in the process where I took the decision to finally “create my own coaching business”. This series of videos describes exactly this journey. From the point I took the decision until I finally succeeded. It was not known to me from the beginning how this would last. If it would take 2 or 9 months I had no idea. What obstacles I would face and how I would handle those. If I was ready for the change. But I was determined for just one thing: I would log this experience day by day and I would report my progress to the camera without missing one single day. I wanted to deliver to this world my first unique coaching tool.

I decided to go for it without even thinking of the ordinary obstacles people usually see in similar cases. And I decided that I would do it anyway, without extra savings (money) for the business launch, without previous business experience (I have been working as an employee my whole life in a nine to five job, five days a week), without a husband, boyfriend, or partner to support me (being single, in fact divorced, since 2011), without any other kind of people’s support from family,  friends, relatives or acquaintances. Nevertheless, I decided to go for it - at the age of 46.

I am not here to teach you. I am not a teacher. What I envision to share with you is totally practical; it is all about the hands-on-experience; it is the real thing. Not another lesson; only pure positive action.


Actualized coaching services through a real-life example

  • Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money and energy in ordinary coaching services (one to one sessions, coaching workshops etc) that are also time consuming, this is your chance to experience a real-life example for many of the coaching concepts that you would undertake in a considerable number of coaching sessions.

  • It is a unique opportunity to experience the practical aspect of coaching without you having to get into the coaching process, by viewing it in a real-life example and to decide whether you would like to bring coaching into your schedule or not. It is like operating the coaching “experience” in “safe mode”. It is a “test-drive” for the road ahead.​



  • You will get one “coaching tip” every single day. Every single day give us something – a true lesson. Every coaching tip is directly applied to my everyday experience. Our goals might be different but the goals engineering (the “what” and the “how to”) remain the same.  You can be 100% sure that each and every coaching tip is applicable to your success story as well.

  • You will be revealed the MUST HAVE LIST – which is the list of things that anyone who considers starting a similar journey should have. And what to do if you miss an item from the list. Sneak pick: it is not about money, other people, time, external support.

  • You will be subconsciously infused with the “how to” of the coaching process. Not all people start a journey towards their dreams because they do not know all the steps from the beginning. So, most people fail because of this fear and because of this fear they never START. You will learn how to work the “next step” from the beginning until the finish line.


  • You will watch me taking on the journey towards realizing my own dream. Because the depth of each dream goes beyond the “creating a business” (in my example) drudgery details. It is all about realizing your life purpose and the life of your dreams.


  • You will get insights on how to think in specific circumstances – for example when things go off-track, when your initial plans fail, when nothing seems to happen, when there is no progress.

  • You will get ideas on how to coach yourself on your journey to success.

  • You will get insights on how to think “out-of-the box”.


  • You will see me happy and content, you will see me tired and you will see me confused and stressed out. You will see me real, live and spontaneous. You will see me stumbling in my talk and up to the skies.

  • This series of videos has not been made in a lab. It is not polished; it is not well prepared and pre-structured. It has been created spontaneously in real-life. And, life is fun.

Open and honest relation

  • You will get the real feeling, status and position of my situation. I am open and honest during this journey because I honor my goal. 

  • You will subliminally be coached how to relate openly and honestly to your goal; the only way to relate to it successfully.


  • You will get the power you need to succeed with your own goals through projection. When we watch someone succeeding with something, when we accompany them step-by-step in their journey, we subconsciously identify with their success and subliminally receive all the messages we need in order to excel for ourselves. The strength you increasingly build comes as a result of an experience being shared. This is my gift to you.


Fascination: Watching the coach in the coachee’s shoes

  • You will learn the secrets of succeeding with your dreams just by watching how the experts do it. The “expert” in this case is the coach and the coach’s identity only helps to deliver faster. But whoever gets to the coachee’s shoes still goes through it as an ordinary person: with fears, stressful feelings, uncertainties and doubts.


Not another “off-the-shelf” product

Nothing in fancy clothes and styling; an ordinary person working on her dream

Nothing that I have prepared previously. Original filming (no fixes, no changes, no improvements)


You will watch something unique - There is no other coaching tool like this

Your will see what it takes to be a successful creator

You will learn how to realize your dream day by day

You will learn how to work consistently

You will learn how to be the creator of your dreams

You will learn how doing “nothing” contributes to your success

You will learn how to be successful without having to be perfect 

You will learn how ordinary people bring about extraordinary results

You will discover the MUST HAVE list for the journey of your dreams

It goes beyond the “reading” of a success story – It is all about the “experiencing” of a success story

You will learn how to be the ultimate coach of your life – How to pace yourself into succeeding with your goals

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