You will find here the instructions to activate your subscription for MY SUCCESS STORY product.


How to activate your subscription


Setup your site membership registration


1. Go to the Sign Up page

2. Register with the email address you have already used as a customer (in order to validate your identity) and password of your choice

3. Click Sign Up and wait until your membership is approved. You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours

Wait until your membership registration completion

4. When you receive an email confirming that your membership is approved, your membership registration is completed

​Start watching the videos

5. From the main menu, go to the Log In page and login using your site membership credentials (used in Sign Up)

6. If you have lost your password or forgot it, in the Log In page you can request to reset your password by selecting "Forgot password?"
7. As an approved site member, you can access the members area for MY SUCCESS STORY product:

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